Travecão giving the ass for a horse

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This transvestite was very bad of clients and boyfriends, that had to leave for something more aggressive than to give but the ass for a man he is very charming and always had many boyfriends, more of a few days to here the travecão had no one and had that to be satisfied with what he had available nor he himself believed when he agreed to go to his uncle's house that he liked to do perversities with all the nephews, especially and she who was a transvestite transformed a few years ago she had no chest and no ass after she became that all her family members began to understand that she was a real woman and even wore navel piercing, to become famous using the horse her uncle helped her to do zoophilia with a big horse of the giant cock. As always, bestiality happens when you enter under a horse and relax your anus so that the big dick gets quite tasty in your ass because if the person does not relax does not have how that horse penetrate with everything inside.