Man making animal sex with the goat

  • 4 years ago
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The little goat was already happy that she would sleep because she played all day with her partners and wanted to rest, when she thought it would happen her owner appeared in the barn and made her forget all the sleep she had, the pervert put her positioned of his ass so that he could penetrate, he had her keep quiet so that the other sheep would not hear her make a scandal. Those who were already asleep listened to the goat moaning, but I found it normal to hear the sound of the animals, the poor goat was entering the stick of the boy who has just left his girlfriend and now ventures into various types of animal pussies, every day he tries a type to see which is his best choice and so everyone has seen how can and fucking tasty he is already the catcher in the animal kingdom and this little kid can not stand to call for help and no one comes to him the damn leaves the kid of wobbly legs before bed.