Getting into the dog and thinking about the ex

  • 3 years ago
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It's been over 6 for months that this guy took a foot in the girlfriend's butt, he's so covered up that he still can not fix anybody to replace the place in his beloved one, even with his head turned to that passion he feels pleasure the same way , there was no denying sex to his thick cock and you believe that this new boy was bothering the bitch he had already won a week and was nesting full of puppies. This bum put the dog with her pussy well broken into the floor on a towel to not stain the weight and get some pain that anyone noticed, the bitch did not want to have sex at all that was where the guy put her on four to try again if he could get into his hole so rolled up because 6 came out of his frogs, the dog already let him eat it that way the guy got so deep in that ass and got to enjoy thinking about your ex.

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