Fell into the net: Guy has sex with chicken

Fell into the net: Guy has sex with chicken You are not allowed to watch this video.
  • 5 years ago
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Man runs out after a chicken to try out if sex with chicken is good as he watched on video from his cell phone, he called a partner out of the bad of going without sex when she realized that they were wanting to eat your ass. The chicken began to sing and to jump without stopping, the two smarties tied the poor woman's foot that was only there receiving the stick inside the ass. One of the men would put his hand inside the chicken's ass to make it very open, so that the other would come and go without it, they did not want to stop to open the chicken's tail, they wanted to go to the good part to stick the stick in Of the ass of the chicken and enjoy that neither a good woman's pussy, the two are brave to do it in the house of the mother who did not even know what the two mums were practicing in the room.

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