Anal sex with my gay owner

Anal sex with my gay owner You are not allowed to watch this video.
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The guy was very well structured with his family but everyone thought that there was something else that was hidden and that nobody was watching, that's where they found a video where this man was 4 giving the chicken coop while the chickens slept, he found that no one would recognize his ass, but his brothers and friends knew that he had that outfit and always wore an orange shirt, the guy did not know what to say when he was discovered, he just told his brother not to tell anyone the which he liked to do. The comrade was caught in the act and his brother had recorded everything, and used it as blackmail every time he wanted something he would go there and show the video to threaten the brother who died of fear of being the asshole of the family, not to mention that his wife would put a big foot in his ass.

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